Hotels Alsace

Alsace, the fifth smallest of France’s 27 regions, is located on France’s eastern border and on the west bank of the upper Rhine, adjacent to Germany and Switzerland. Its name can be traced back to Old High German ‘Elisaz’, meaning ‘foreign domain’. The economical and cultural capital of Alsace is Strasbourg, a perfect place for business trips or sightseeing holidays. Stay in the Hotel Premier Classe Strasbourg Sud – Ilkirch, only a few minutes from the city centre.

Alsace played an active part in the French Revolution, and in 1789 was divided into the departments of Haut- and Bas-Rhin. The region has a long and complicated history with Germany and bears many signs of warfare. However, it also boasts the largest number of feudal castles, such as the recently restored Hohlandsbourg castle. The historical language of Alsace is Alsatian, but these days the majority of the population speak French.