Hotels Strasbourg

Sitting proudly close to the border with Germany in France's Alsace region, Strasbourg offers a holiday like no other. Come take a look with Premiere Classe hotels.

Strasbourg is the capital and of the Alsace region region of France. Situated close to the border with Germany, the city and its region are historically German-speaking, which explains its name. Sitting on the banks of the river Rhine, the city is known for its historical and cultural sights, as well as its specific, picturesque ambiance and its cathedral, which is the highest medieval building in Europe.

The fact that through the centuries it has been under strong cultural influence from Germany means Strasbourg has a very distinctive appearance. This mixture of cultures has also created a distinctive cuisine which attracts visitors from all around. Strasbourg is a famous university city, housing one of the oldest in Europe, and known to many as the capital of Europe itself due to its being home to the European Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights.