Hotels Bayonne

Come and discover the south-west of France with a break in Bayonne. Premiere Classe hotels invite you to enjoy the culture, and party atmosphere of the city.

Bayonne is a commune in south-west France located in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department. It is part of the region of Aquitaine. Bayonne lies at the junction of the rivers Adour and Nive and the facades of picturesque houses line the river bank like a concrete welcoming committee !

Bayonne has a rich and colourful history and the architecture is testament to the battles and leaders this city has encountered. The Romans, the Vikings and even the English have all made their mark on Bayonne. When Jewish refugees arrived here in the 1500s they brought with them new trades, of which chocolate-making was the most influential and is something the town is still famous for today. In the twentieth century, the Spanish Basques arrived in the city seeking refuge from the tyrant Franco. They brought with them bullfighting, and the bullring still remains to this day. Bayonne is a diverse and vibrant place with an ornate cathedral and well-preserved ramparts.