Hotels Biarritz

Want to holiday like royalty ? Look no further than luxuriuos Biarritz in France's Aquitaine region. Premiere Classe hotels welcome you.

Located in Basque territory in France’s Aquitaine region, Biarritz is a luxurious seaside town, perfect for a break. Sitting in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department, it is just 11 miles from the Spanish border. The town’s casino and beaches make it a popular tourist destination for Europeans and east coast North Americans alike, and, being known as a prime surfing centre, the town has developed a nightlife and surf-based culture worthy of international recognition.

Biarritz has always made its money from the sea. It was a whaling settlement from the twelfth century onwards and in the 18th century doctors advised that the surrounding ocean had therapeutic properties which led to patient pilgrimages. Since the 19th century, the British royal family have holidayed in the town, Queen Victoria being one such visitor. Today there is still plenty of old-fashioned luxury to soak up.