Hotels Clermont Ferrand

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Clermont Ferrand is a French commune in the Auvergne region. It is also the capital of the Puy de Dome department. It sits on the plain of Limagne in the Massif Central and is surrounded by a major industrial area. The city is famous for the chain of volcanoes, the Chaîne des Puys, surrounding it. The famous dormant volcano Puy de Dome is one of the highest of these and well known for the telecommunication antennas that sit on its top and are visible from far away.

One of the oldest cities of France, the settlement witnessed the famous Battle of Gergovia, where the Gauls led by Vercingetorix triumphed temporarily over the Romans. Clairmont was famously the starting point of the First Crusade. In 1120, to counteract the power of the clergy, the counts of Auvergne founded the city of Montferrand. In 1630 the Edict of Troyes forcibly joined the two cities of Clermont and Ferrand. This union was confirmed in 1731 by Louis XV with the Second Edict of Union. Today one may find in Clermont Ferrand two distinct downtowns, with Montferrand retaining a strong identity.