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Macon is a commune in central France in the region of Burgundy, situated on the Saone river. It is also the prefecture of the Saone-et-Loire department. With some of its buildings painted burnt sienna, buttermilk and rose Macon has a distinctly Mediterranean feel and looks to the south for its inspiration.

Macon originates from the establishment of an oppidum and a river port by the Celts at the beginning of the first century BC. It developed significantly during the age of the Romans and was fortified in the fourth century. During the Middle Ages Macon was the administrative centre of a county belonging to the Duchy of Burgundy and controlled access to present-day Lamartinien Valley. In 1790 the government designated Macon as the capital of Saône-et-Loire, a newly-created department. In 1814 the town was invaded by Austrian troops and then liberated twice by French troops before being permanently occupied until the fall of the Empire. After Napoléon’s return and the subsequent Hundred Days' War, Macon was again captured by the Austrians.