Hotels Belfort

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Belfort is a city in north-eastern France in the Franche-Comte region, situated between Lyon and Strasbourg. It also lies in the Territoire de Belfort department. It is located on the Savoureuse river as well as on the strategically important route between the Rhine and the Rhone rivers – the Belfort Gap – meaning visitors are attracted by its natural surroundings as well as its history.

Belfort was recorded as being granted a charter in 1307. Previously an Austrian possession, Belfort was transferred to France by the Treaty of Westphalia, in 1648, which ended the Thirty Years' War. Until 1871 Belfort was part of the Haut-Rhin department in Alsace. The Siege of Belfort, between 3rd November 1870 and 18th February 1871 was successfully resisted until the garrison was ordered to surrender 21 days after the armistice between France and Prussia. Because this part of Alsace was French speaking, while the rest of the region was German speaking, the area around Belfort was not annexed by the Prussians. It formed, as it still does, the Territoire de Belfort, attracting many tourists today.