Hotels Sete

Come and discover Sete for a great break by the Mediterranean Sea. Premiere Classe hotels welcome you for a hassle-free break.

Sète is a busy French seaside town unspoilt by tourism yet teeming with life. It dates back to 1660 when Louis XIV instructed his minister to find a new sea route for the export of Languedoc’s goods. The Knight of Clerville found Sète and the digging began. Today, the canals snake through the town creating a Venice-like feel, while the Mont-Saint-Clair provides a beautiful backdrop on one side and the sparkling Mediterranean dotted with colourful boats offers exquisite views on the other. Sète is built around the Mont-Saint-Clair, a 600-foot hill. It is home to the Thau lagoon, a salt water lake inhabited by oysters and mussel beds.

In adddition to the colourful canals and vibrant town centre, Sète also has eight miles of golden beach. So whether you want to enjoy fresh fish at a sea-front restaurant, lounge on the beach, or trek up Mont-Saint-Clair, this town has something for everyone. Sète is situated in the Languedoc-Roussillon region.