Hotels Metz

Intrigued to discover a unique blend of history and culture? Then the city of Metz and Premiere Classe Hotels are for you!

Metz lies in the northeast of France, located at the confluence of the Moselle and the Seille rivers. It is also the capital of the region of Lorraine. Located near the tri-point along the junction of France, Germany and Luxembourg, Metz forms a central place of the European Greater Region and the SaarLorLux euro region. Due to its location and history it has been strongly influenced by German culture giving it a uniqueness not shared by other French cities.

3,000 years of history has given the city of Metz its unique character unmatched in France. Already inhabited by the end of the Bronze Age in 1,000 BC, the city would become one of the principal towns of Gaul and then the Roman Empire. It was declared capital of the Merovingians of Austrasia in the 6th century, becoming very well known in the Christian world, before being integrated into the Germanic Holy Roman Empire in the 10th century. Despite being recognised as part of France in 1648 it did not return to France until 1918 after WW1. However it did become part of Germany again during WWII, from 1940 to 1944.