Hotels Beauvais

Come and discover Beauvais with its beautiful cathedral and green surroundings. Book your stay with Premiere Classe hotels for a hassle-free break.

Beauvais is the capital city of the Oise department in the Picardy region of France. This north-eastern French city is tucked neatly at the foot of hills adorned with trees. Beauvais has a rich textile history which dates back to medieval times and, even today, is often dubbed the “City of Tapestry Making”.

The Cathedral of St Pierre, which dates back to the 11th century, dominates the town centre. This spectacular gothic structure has been rebuilt several times over the years and still has no spire or nave. However, the glasswork is breathtaking and it still remains the epicentre of Beauvais. It houses beautiful tapestries which are testament to the city’s textile history. This is a bustling city with elaborate architecture and impressive art. It is surrounded by fleeting ramparts and there is plenty to do whether you are here for a week or a short break.