Hotels Marseille

Soak up the sun and history with a holiday in Marseille on France's south coast with Premiere Classe hotels.

Marseille is a sprawling urban centre on France’s Mediterranean coast in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region. It is the second biggest city in France after Paris, and the third biggest metropolitan community after Paris and Lyon. The city is the largest French port on the Mediterranean coast and the country’s largest commercial port. Marseille’s Old Port is flanked by two large forts the Fort Saint-Nicolas and the Fort Saint Jean.

Marseille and the area around it have been inhabited by humans for almost 30,000 years and it has been called the oldest city in France. The city itself was founded in 600BC by Greeks as a trading post. The city then thrived as a trading post between the Gauls and the Romans and remained independent until the rise of Julius Caesar. It fell to the Visigoths following the decline of the roman Empire and became part of the Frankish empire in the 6th century.