Jinjiang Inn Huangshan Railway Station Pingguoshan Road

No. 12, Pingguoshan Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan, Anhui Province
By booking now on Jin Jiang website, you will get a 10% discount. Jinjiang Inn Huangshan Railway Station Pingguoshan Road is located at No. 12, Pingguoshan Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan, at the intersection of Beihai Road and Pingguoshan Road. The Hotel is 3 minutes drive (it costs only staring fair RMB 7) and 15 minutes walk from Huangshan Railway Station. The Hotel is only 8 minutes drive from Huangshan Bus Station (it costs only RMB10 or so). The Hotel is only 5 minutes drive from Tunxi Old Street (it costs only RMB7). It is about 68 km from the beautiful Mount Huang. The convenient transportation facilitates your trip. The Hotel provides you with typical Hui-style architecture, and the cafe with Huizhou style offers you high-quality buffet breakfast, and the huge parking lot can allow you self-driving and resolve your considerations. Spacious and bright business room, professionally designed unit bathroom for business person, close and warm keeping Somerelle bedding articles, as well as fresh and elegant living atmosphere easily eliminate the fatigue after whole day's working; the decorations and furniture of the Hotel have passed strict environmental detection, and every part of the Hotel's building has passed strict strength test; and the strong infrared ray anti-theft system & comprehensive control system has been established, so that you can feel assured during the stay. The Huizhou-style Xinglianxin Cafe offers the elaborately created over 20 kinds of food for nutritious breakfast, adding guarantee for your health and supplementing full energy for you to start on new journey! To enjoy the beauty of Mount Huang and experience the culture of Huizhou. Welcome to Jinjiang Inn Huangshan Tunxi, and the Hotel is the happiest inn during your travel!
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  • Restauracja
    Xinglianxin Cafe
  • Uslugi i warunki
    Hair dryer, umbrella, iron and ironing board, conversion plug, reticle and laundry rack can be rented for free; Shaver, shower cap and lady's companion can be provided for free. - Hotline 1. For overseas: +86 400 820 9999 Or +86 21 3216 9888 2. Working time : 9:00 am-5:30 pm Monday to Sunday - Email 1. Email address: cc@jj-inn.com 2. Working time: 9:00 am-5:30 pm Monday to Sunday
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    Informacja: 0559-2528888

    Rezerwacja: +48 (0) 223 072 337

    Fax: 0559-2528888

    E-mail: cc@jj-inn.com

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